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2013-02-22 06:08:49 UTC
Tonight I edited the Summary of key features of my cycles,
(which is a subpage of my Salmon on the Thorns page
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html ).

In case you don't like to click on links, I will
paste the text from that Summary into a followup
to this post.

Let me know if you know of any past religious
figures or mythological or folklore characters who
also had some of these features, and also of
any other living humans who have some of these
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2013-02-22 06:14:01 UTC
Post by David Dalton
Tonight I edited the Summary of key features of my cycles,
(which is a subpage of my Salmon on the Thorns page
http://www.nfld.com/~dalton/dtales.html ).
In case you don't like to click on links, I will
paste the text from that Summary into a followup
to this post.
Let me know if you know of any past religious
figures or mythological or folklore characters who
also had some of these features, and also of
any other living humans who have some of these
Summary of key features of my cycles

Here are some key features of my cycles:

1. a naked sun stare/thorn hill climb/blue rose vision two days
before new moon, in early Sept., 1991 at age 27.5. In the sun stare
there was a tunneling beyond the sun, I think into higher dimensions,
followed by a descent of giant "butterfly wings" on me, which I think
may have augmented my form in higher dimensions. I liken this experience
to Jesus's baptism when the heavens opened and wings descended on him.

2. three more waning crescent highs each preceded 5.5 lunar months
before by onset of a waxing gibbous moon trial, and one more high
without such a precursor, all in 1993--1994 (plus another waxing gibbous
moon trial in May 1992 that was extended slightly past full moon by
marijuana use, which I now avoid, plus I avoid alcohol 1--9 days before
full moon and that has prevented severe waxing gibbous moon problems
after mid-July 1997).

3. two early waxing moon trials in early Jan., early Apr., 1995, not
as bad as the waxing gibbous moon ones of 1992 to 1994 though. These
early waxing moon trials were like a waning crescent high turning sour
after new moon but without the waning crescent high.

4. mystic "live" sparks as opposed to dead normal static ones

5. low/wilderness/ascetic/foresaken/cremation ground years beginning
in late January 1996 and not over yet but which I postulate lasted 7
years for past figures but longer for me since I have had access to
medication and also lifespans are longer on average these days. During
the first two years this involved a fairly constant low level of
delusion, paranoia, magical conspiracy theories, and isolationism with
stronger flare-ups during Jan96, May96, Jun96 and Jul97 waxing gibbous
moons. This mostly subsided when my lithium was increased back to a
level of 0.8 in July 1997 and I also again gave up drinking 1--9 days
before full moon. But I continued to believe perineum area muscle click
divination and that led to the mildly delusional eyebrow matchmaking
theory (but no paranoia), and after I gave up on that in early May 1999
(based on negative evidence and lack of evidence) I resolved to no
longer believe perineum area muscle click divination (but I still play
at it some). The celtic section and buddhist section of the parallels
subpage have a bit more on seven years stuff and I have some more
related native and shamanic links which are in the links section.

6. each high had an M class solar flare a few days before onset plus
I had a depression in 1986 during the low of the sunspot cycle and my
low years began in early 1996 not long before the low of the sunspot
cycle, and hence I postulated an 11 year cycle in my mood, but I now
think this is not the case. Feb. 21, 2013: I am still not out of the low
years after 17.06 years, and it could be that I will have to wait until
22 [11+11] years after my first high, so September 2013, or 18 [7+11]
years after the low years started, so late January 2014. But I hope the
low years will end sooner.

7. academic star including in religion as a child and teen (but I
have not studied religion formally since the world religions course in
the final year of my Catholic Roncalli high school, in Avondale,
educaton) and since in science (but I am not a carpenter [or engineer]).
I am not a religious studies specialist and have done no academic
courses in religious studies since my last year of high school, and my
best subject is mathematics. I was in school and university a total of
28 years, primarily focused on science since high school.

8. inspired, including musically, by a devi type (Sarah McLachlan,
singer/songwriter, head of Lilith Fair, of Vancouver, Canada). Devi and
avatar are Hindu terms but I am not Hindu so I add the word type, and I
as avatar type do not want to be worshipped and probably Sarah as devi
type does not want to be worshipped. Devi is a female term and deva is a
male term which is confusing since in English diva is a female term. The
similar devi type for Krishna as avatar type was Radha. But they were
involved, and though Sarah is my main musical inspirer she is far away
and not involved with me, so I have allowed my romantic thoughts to
stray to other women more easily than if I had any chance with her.

9. shaktipat (proximity induced kundalini awakening) from a holy
figure, in my case Iyengar yoga teacher Gioia Irwin, in Jesus's case
perhaps John the Baptist

10. clear sky lightning inspiration (related to seraphim; also
coincidentally Harry Potter has a lightning scar and is an orphan like
me but is much younger and has glasses like me though on my web page
pictures I may have contacts on or have taken my glasses off as I did
before my sun stare); also one case of extremely variable weather
including extremely high winds on one day inspiration (related to

11. very bad eyesight, now -11 diopters in my left eye and -10
diopters in my right eye, plus astigmatism

12. born premature during a storm but put in an incubator rather
than into a box containing wool or hay. I am a seventh surviving child,
but the eight pregnancy of which one was of two fraternal twins and one
was a miscarriage and another was a set of fraternal twins who died
shortly after birth.

13. stigmata spots at the beginning of 1995

14. A merging with something sublime, or it at least made me feel
sublime, and then snapping back into myself (for a while I called this
samadhi but I think samadhi is usually attained by meditation). The
merging occurred as a sensation of me slipping upwards partly outside of
my body and merging with the something sublime. Then after a short time
I snapped back into my body. I was standing the entire time.

15. skullcap pressure sensation, at The Edge bar, which is now

16. "buddha" belly circles (one smaller, one larger, not at same
time, smaller one lasted much longer)

17. invisible turban winding/unwinding sensations

18. sensible (but not solid, sensible by chi hand warming and
tingling in the region) invisible sphere a ways above my head varying in
height and diameter for a while

19. invisible head circlet with thorn/spark sensation at the
centre, so a crown of thorn I guess, but at the top of the head not
around the third eye level.

20. invisible forehead tendrils and invisible bum pokes causing
insomnia beginning in Fall 1998 and lasting a few months but going away
when I started olanzapine so if I had not that may have lasted longer

21. have learned to not drink 1.0 to 9.0 days before the exact time
of full moon, by unfortunately having 8 strong mixed/psychotic waxing
gibbous moon trials from 1992 to 1997 that were alcohol (or once
marijuana) triggered or greatly worsened. Since July 1997 I have often
drunk a lot during waning moon but this has not triggered such reality
distortion/world gone sour symptoms or worsened my state when I was
already having problems and in fact I have sometimes posted more lucidly
after drinking. 2012: I now usually limit myself to 2 pints twice a week.

22. much supposed perineum (the region between but not including
the anus and the genitals) area muscle click divination and such click
(short period mula-bandha?) as closure (it is a silent click, or muscle
jerk, not an audible click). The click is a alight contraction of the
perineum area muscles combined simultaneously with a moving together of
my upper thigh muscles. I think the perineum area is the base chakra but
others say the base chakra is at the base of the tailbone, or sacrum

23. involuntarily celibate, except for masturbation, from spring
1986 to now; had four poor sexual experiences with four women in 1984
and 1986, have speculated that I am compatible only with bisexual by
nature women and those four women were not bisexual, or that alcohol
inhibited my response. But there are some women that I am attracted to
at a distance much more than other women, and I have speculated that
they are bisexual by nature (are attracted regularly and significantly
to both genders) but I have only a little evidence for that yet so I
have to assume that they might not be bisexual. I have also theorized
that I am most attracted to bisexual by nature (who can be bisexual,
lesbian, straight or celibate by lifestyle) women who have had a fair
number of orgasms for their age, including some recently, and am not
much attracted to bisexual by nature women who have had no orgasms. If
my four orientation theory is incorrect then you can remove the words
bisexual by nature in the last sentence.

24. not a cult leader type, I do not want followers (of me or
anyone) but want people to think for themselves but that can include
recognizing good stuff and echoing it within themselves but not always
blindly following everything by the same person. For example I might
recognize that some of Stephen Hawking's mathematical physics is correct
within current error bars but that does not make me a follower of
Stephen Hawking, i.e. I would check the math in each of his statements,
but he would have cracked open the light, or been the teacher, so to
speak, in instances where I do verify his statements.

25. have experienced various uplifting coincidences including signs
from other species, funny number (especially 55, which is LV in Roman
numerals) coincidences, and stumbling sometimes by random page choice
(e.g. thumbing) on very significant information in books.

26. significant messages for someones as far as I know of and can
communicate with, in this case at least the human species on this planet
and in near space, and of those some new component, not just the same
old same old since then there would be no need for a Messenger/focus of
rapid (on historical time scales) change.

27. significant breakthrough(s) in lore -- for me one such
breakthrough is my showing that some past pagan and non-pagan major
religious figures including Jesus were similar to one another and were
similar to me, and I will continue to gather backing evidence for that.
Another such breakthrough if it is true would be my four orientation
theory (that there is a fourth orientation compatible only with
bisexuals by nature of the other gender) and I hope to research whether
it is true or not, and if not if at least the statement that compatible
relationships result in longer lifespans than incompatible relationships
is true. Aside from that I have brainstormed numerous scientific and
entrepreneurial ideas (along with some word play physics clues) since
and including 1991. And also I have come up with some personal mystical
working theories which I will continue to develop and perhaps relate to
science. Also I have through checking solar cycle data shown that the
initial waning crescent high and subsequent waning crescent highs come
during high to medium years of the 11 year solar cycle and that most if
not all of the highs are preceded two or three days before by an M class
solar flare. Also I theorize that the clear sky lightning at the onset
of some of the highs is a result of interaction of said solar flare with
the ionosphere.

28. is oppressed and/or ridiculed and/or disbelieved and/or ignored
and/or labelled a lunatic some before being accepted but sometimes a bit
for good reason since there may be last minute breakthroughs in the
drunken weave Home.

29. Have tried healing of quite a few others and it remains to be
determined whether that has had any effect beyond my own subjective
perception of having brought some people out of mild depression. Since
this is not much dependent on the perineum area muscle click except for
closure sometimes I trust it a bit more than my matchmaking and related
blind following of the click divination. 2012: I have had little luck
doing healing yet, except perhaps some effect on mental illness
including depression, but I hope that healing components I developed
will become available to those with healer special ability.

30. Have TRIED to pass on my higher dimensional connections and
healing and some other abilities to many others. 2012: more recently I
have tried assisted shaktipat affecting ordained BSSes (bipolars,
schizoaffectives, and schizophrenics) and some others but it hasn't
worked yet, but I expect it might after I come out of the low years.

31. I think I can do musical boosting of musicians on stage and
venue "charging", subjectively to my ears and my feeling within the
venue, including sensing of the air, but this remains to be confirmed
objectively by others

32. at several stages I have had what I call twiddles, like slight
sensations at various points on my body, I sometimes call them question
mark hooks, which then need to be cleared. Sometimes they can be cleared
by a simple base chakra area muscle click. More often lately (though
they have slacked off now, which is good since they are annoying) I have
to clear them by visualizing myself as a subset of all/everything and
puffing out my consciousness a bit (so loose focus and puffing out) and
ending in perineum area muscle click closure and often a kundalini buzz.
Sometimes though I am seemingly posed a mathematical problem and have to
visualize the solution to get closure. (These have faded a great deal as
of May 13, 2004, and have been gone since I went back on olanzapine in
early 2005.)

33. for I think a couple of years now (I'll dig out the date later)
I have experienced what I call kundalini buzzes or shakti buzzes
(internal river rushes of fire, not much if any actually auditory) which
began when they occurred when I was fantasizing about kissing a woman
(not always on the lips). This later was extended to supposed formation
of shakti asociation between woman and one of my deities by my also
thinking of said deity just before and during the imagined kiss (almost
invariably lips) and buzz. Now while I have not much researched the
Hindu term shakti, one tantric site (will insert URL later) said that it
is the bridge between the human and the divine, and I saw that long
after I started using the term. Also in Hinduism some women are said to
be incarnations of Shakti I think but that is not the same as say the
shakti association between Sarah McLachlan and Gaia in my personal
mystical working theory formulation.

34. I do not have significant voices in my head, none of my
messages including extinction reel are derived from voices in my head.
However when I strain to get through to someone remotely I sometimes get
low level almost subliminal but I think fake voices back at times, and
likewise if I have been up very late streaming/babbling ideas (I guess
some meditation would prevent me from overdoing that) I also get such
very low level voices at times but they do not have significant content
and I consider them fake/spurious and anyway do not get them very much,
so my past psychiatrist considers me bipolar type I instead of
schizoaffective. However it could be that past figures similar to me
without medication may have had slightly more of that but I still do not
think they would have gotten significant messages that way, and no doubt
laboured over time to come up with their messages after some inspiration
and a fair bit of trial and error and constraining, and perhaps some in
the way described on extinction reel. And my past psychiatrist has told
me even completely normal people can get such low level occasional
spurious voices at times if they strain. 2012/2013: not much of such low
level internal voices lately.

35. I am by nature a night person though I can get up early but do
only if I have to. 2012: I now have high speed Internet, and often post
late but haven't been doing any all-nighters.

36. I had four bad right knee injuries from summer 1978 to early
1981 (plus a slight wrench in fall 1985) that might have left me lame
were it not for modern medicine.

37. in summer 1982 at the age of 18 I had my appendix out (the pain
started in one incident in math class earlier and there were two later
incidents, so it was a brewing appendix, and on the third I had it out,
but since all the tests for appendix proved inconclusive and there was
no hardness on the right side of my tummy and there was pain on both
sides on my tummy they cut me up the middle but it did turn out to be my
appendix). The pain of the incidents and after the operation was great,
as was a strange rash I had the year before, but both were less intense
in pain than my naked thorn hill climb.

38. years ago (actually maybe on and off as long as two years
though maybe less, but it has picked up in the last week) I have done a
lot of hair twirling though my hair is relatively short so I do not have
dreadlocks. But it reminds me of the hair of an African figure
(doll/bust) I saw in a shop window once, not just of dreadlocks. 2012:
none of that in years, and little pacing and checking.

39. I am into word play though the risk of that is that it can be
misinterpreted when I leave it vague/unexplained to test/challenge the
reader. I did more of that at UBC on the FTE mailing list.

40. I have a huge number of muses (influences) including many
singer/songwriters and other musicians and some poets and other writers
and some scientists and some activists and certainly many past religious
figures though I need to read more into such, I have dabbled a bit at
reading their bio notes but not as much at reading their messages
(except for Jesus more since I was educated as a Catholic, though I am
now ex-Catholic but still Jesus influenced) and poetry (except a bit of
Taliesin and Turquoise Bee and some of Mohammed's stuff is poetry) so

41. Five years before my 1991 sun stare, in 1986, the year I had a
long term low level depression, there was a gathering of a global scale
(of people from around the world celebrating culture and science and
more), Expo 86, in Vancouver. Vancouver, where I was from Sept. 1, 1985
to Dec. 14, 1995, is 4504 miles (7200 km, so more than the radius of the
earth even to the outer atmosphere I think) from St. John's,
Newfoundland where I am now (and I grew up in Newfoundland). My longest
distance (in terms of separation between me and the woman or women I was
fantasizing about) and best orgasm was the night before new moon on Jan.
29, 1995, when I was in Vancouver and the two women I was fantasizing
about (with self touch) were in New Zealand. For a while I thought this
occurred in early December, 1994 but my e-mail files point to Jan. 29,
1995. Sarah McLachlan was one of those two women and has toured to many
places on the globe and visited some others (e.g. Cambodia and India)
that she has not yet played concert gigs at, as far as I know. Also my
writing has gone out not just on this World Wide Web web page but also
on e-mail mailing lists, web forums, and in over 10,000 posts since and
including 1991 to Usenet newsgroups distributed worldwide on the
Internet, and many of those posts went to more than one group (were
crossposts). Also I have shaken hands of people from many countries and
many religions when playing badminton, and have heard live musicians
from many countries, including Babatunde Olatunji when he was alive (I
heard him at the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House folk festival in

42. Since the fall of 2003 I have had no trouble drinking from
bottles or with a straw but in drinking from beer cans or water glasses
or pint glasses or beer mugs I have had some trouble with my tongue not
lying flat and not retracting and it takes more effort than it should to
drink without spilling some over my shirt. I do not know if that is
significant but it is an unusual change. My past psychiatrist suspects
that it may be due to tardive dyskinesia brought on by haloperidol use
on occasion starting in 1991. Thus I am now avoiding haloperidol, if I
need extra meds I will take extra olanzapine. If this drinking problem
does not improve, my psychiatrist may refer me to a neurologist. (He did
and the neurologist found nothing plus I was unable to do the behaviour
while with the neurologist.) It is a problem of jaw and lips and tongue
and has since extended some to eating as well as drinking. I think is is
a tardive oromandibular dystonia but my past psychiatrist isn't sure
about that. (I will see another neurologist on July 26, 2013.)

43. Years ago I occasionally had the experience of someone else
looking through my eyes. Then I would raise my glasses to show them that
I have bad eyesight and they would go away. At no time did they try to
control me. I call those entities glasses someones.

44. One night I think in 1997 when I was out for a walk there was a
nearly invisible inverted cone with its point on the top of my head and
its axis tilted a bit to the vertical and precessing about that
vertical. In the cone I saw some nearly invisible flying beings. I
thought at the time that the cone extended to the stars. I call those
flying beings cone someones.

Taliesin (Gwion Bach) had 2, 4 and 5 and some evidence of 1, or an
experience like it, and some evidence of 3 (if the crack of the cauldron
is new moon) and for my other parallels I have evidence so far only for
some of the above, for example Krishna was described as the butter
thief, which I take to mean waning crescent highs, and fought with
demons, which I take to mean waxing gibbous moon (poison-nippled demon)
trial periods.

Also there may be other significant points that I fail to list above
that may be in my old paper and newsgroup, e-mail, e-mail mailing list,
web forum and web page old drafts or partial drafts, and current web
page writing which I will sort through and extract from later.
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