Happy Samhain!
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David Dalton
2012-10-31 02:20:38 UTC
Happy Samhain in advance!

I plan to spend the evening of the 31st giving out
treats to youngsters, followed by attending a spooky
storytelling slam at The Ship Pub, followed by (and
edging into the 1st) a pint while listening to
Larry Foley at Erin's Pub. At some point I will
light some candles including my big red candle and
my ship of fools candle and play some recorded
music by dead musicians.

What are your plans (or what went on if it has
already occurred)?

(Also happy Beltane to those in the southern hemisphere.)
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Lady Azure, Baroness of the North Pole
2012-11-29 02:02:03 UTC
Post by David Dalton
Happy Samhain in advance!
Solstice Coming at ya!

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